Kailey, Kennedy, April, Brian and Kori Kovara

Kailey, Kennedy, April, Brian and Kori Kovara

My name is Dr. Brian Kovara and I’ve been a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) since 2000. My wife April and our family moved to this area in 2014. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, I hope we can meet. Choosing a health care provider is a big decision.

At Living Well Chiropractic & Massage we believe that education is a big part of our patients’ success so have dedicated this entire website to helping you understand the full scope of what our team can do for you as you work to meet your wellness goals.

The vast majority of people equate chiropractic with back pain, but the circumstances under which the science of Chiropractic care was discovered in 1895 in Davenport, Iowa and, at that time, had little to do with back pain.

The founder of chiropractic care, Daniel David (“D.D.”) Palmer, believed that many conditions could be addressed by removing pressure from the nerve that was involved with the affected area. He proceeded to make his life’s work about turning this belief into the science of chiropractic. Palmer called it “a science of healing without drugs.”

Chiropractic has come a long way since Palmer gave his first adjustment in 1895. Today, there are many methods used by chiropractors to correct spinal misalignments, joint dysfunctions and various complexes. 

an adjustment is the process by which a chiropractor introduces motion into spinal and other joints in the body to help restore their proper mobility and alignment.

If you go to your general practitioner for pain medicine, or let it rest, the pain may eventually go away.  But did that fix the problem?…..no.  A functional chiropractor’s main job is to figure out if you have lost normal movement in spinal joints, muscles, or you have fibrous adhesion in your fascia. We want to resolve the source not just treat your pain.

A thorough examination helps locate areas of nervous system compromise. The moving bones of the spine are common culprits. Then, specific chiropractic adjustments help reduce interference.  The intent is to restore your body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.  Without drugs.  Without surgery. Best of all, we have a very high success rate for getting you out of pain and into feeling vital again.

Life is not merely about living, but about living well!

As you move around this site, we hope you’ll find this information helpful. Please know that we would delight in having the chance to meet you soon. Call (206) 842-4929 or set up a time HERE so we may get to know you better.

Until then, be well!

Brian Kovara, DC