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Chronic stress can lead to unwanted health problem. Stress affects individuals in different ways. How the body deals with stress is a direct reflection of overall health and well being. Every day situations arise that create stress. Whether it is an emotional stress (jobs, relationships, finances), chemical stress (poor diet, pollution, alcohol, drugs) or a mechanical stress (traumas, repetitive movements, sports injuries, etc) the body has to react to the stressor.

These stressors impact overall health by decreasing function. The longer the stressors are present the harder it is for the body to keep up. If the stressors become more than what the body can manage, health gradually declines and eventually symptoms will develop. Serving as warning signs of a malfunctioning body, symptoms are not something to ignore or mask. The key to achieving true health is to uncover the underlying cause of the stress.

Some of the more common symptoms of stress are headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues, pain in neck or back and mood swings/irritability. Having one or more of these symptoms is an indication that the body is severely malfunctioning and needs help. Much like the check engine light in a car, it would not be wise to wait to bring your car in if the engine light was on. Similarly symptoms that are left ignored can fester and get worse. Over the counter remedies such as NSAIDs are often used to counter the symptoms, however, further damage can occur by not removing the underlying cause.

For more information on the effects of stress on health and wellness, click here or call 206-842-4929. Until next time. I look forward to helping you Live Well.

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