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The spinal cord is the first part of the body to form in the womb, and the nervous system is the “chief controller” of the body. If its communication channels become damaged, distorted, or fuzzy, the body experiences all sorts of symptoms that may not be obvious they are from the nervous system. While it is important for adults to have chiropractic care, it is equally important for children.

There are so many outside forces that effect an infant right from the start. The baby is compacted into a small space in the mother’s womb. Soon after, babies go through significant spinal trauma at birth. Simply from coming out of the birth canal can be taxing on the spine, however other methods of birth can be even more taxing.  A C-section birth, vacuum or forceps delivery and induction can be very difficult on a fragile newborn spine.

As infants grow to become toddlers a whole new set of forces are places upon that child.  Next as the child learns to walk they are incredibly unsteady on their feet. The average toddler covers more than 2.5 miles per day. This number includes roughly 100 falls.  In general, toddlers average about 15 falls per hour. Each fall can reposition their growing spines out of proper alignment.

Additionally, falls, sports injuries, playground bumps, heavy school bags and sitting all day in the classroom are all physical stresses to the growing child’s spine and nervous system.

One of the most common reasons for parents to seek chiropractic care for their child is physical trauma from an injury of some sort. The spinal misalignments that may occur at the time of the injury will not necessarily result in immediate pain or symptoms. In addition to physical stress, parents should be aware that emotional and chemical stress affect the child’s nervous system and may also warrant a spinal checkup.

Chiropractic in Bainbridge Island helps children:

  • Boost immune system function- lessened number of ear infections
  • Promote healthy digestive system- reduced colic and reflux
  • Healthy brain and nerve development
  • Improved posture - scoliosis reduction in curvature
  • Improve sleep

Regular chiropractic checkups can identify potential spinal dysfunction resulting from these stresses, and chiropractic adjustments may help to enhance future function and well-being.

It is important to have your children checked as infancy and childhood are impressionable times of rapid growth and development of the spine and nervous system. Chiropractors examine and evaluate for proper movement, function, and alignment of the spine. Adjustments remove vertebral fixations (joints that are “stuck” and not moving properly) which reduces inflammation and interference to the nervous system. The nervous system controls all of the functions in the entire body. By having your child’s spine checked you are maintaining the health of your child’s entire body, naturally too! Chiropractic care is gentle and safe. Only light force is needed when adjusting an infant or child’s spine. Imagine the pressure needed to press your pinky finger into a ripe red tomato and you get the idea.

Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates of all primary health care providers in the country, and those rates are based on risk. Actuaries aren’t going to give us lower rates without good reason. And as a pediatric chiropractor, my rates are exactly the same as my colleagues who treat adults.”.

The key to safety in pediatric chiropractic is education, says Jennifer Brocker, DC, DICCP, who practices with Dr. Hewitt. “It’s a completely different process when you work with kids, and you have to know what you’re doing in order to treat them appropriately. You need to know the proper techniques, contacts and depth. The contacts need to be smaller and the thrust more shallow with less force. Pediatric chiropractic is extremely safe if you know what you’re doing, but less so if you don’t.”

“Children have the same joints that we do, but they’re not fully formed yet,” adds Emily Watters, DC, who practices in Portland’s Whole Mama Whole Child chiropractic and craniosacral clinic. “Their joints are still more cartilaginous than truly bony, so the adjustments have to be a little bit faster but with less force. This is due to the increased flexibility within the joint and the smaller surface area you are targeting. With kids, another option in certain cases is to mobilize joints rather than manipulate them.

“Pediatric chiropractic also differs dramatically from treating adults when it comes to the nature of the complaints. Older children — middle schoolers and teens — may come in with musculoskeletal complaints that resemble those of young adults, particularly if they are involved in athletics. But younger children, toddlers and infants don’t usually arrive at the chiropractor’s office complaining that they threw their back out after lifting a really heavy Elmo doll or dancing too hard to The Fresh Beat Band.

  • Promotes Healthy Brain and Nerve Development A baby’s nervous system controls everything from breathing, digestion, thinking, sense of touch, and playing. Any damage or disruption can seriously impair his/her ability to function in the best way. Chiropractic helps stimulate a child’s brain and nerve activity which creates a balance and a feeling of well-being.
  • Assists with Asthma, Allergies, and other Breathing Difficulties When neck muscles become tight, the normal flow of the lymphatic system is interrupted. Since this causes the immune system to become overloaded, chiropractic adjustments helps relax neck muscles allowing normal lymphatic drainage. These adjustments help improve the respiratory function which in turn improves symptoms of asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other breathing problems.
  • Encourages Good Spinal Posture Since chiropractic focuses on manipulation of the spine, it helps improve a child’s spinal posture. Since the spine is the structure from which the body is built, it is important to begin good postural habits early in life. In addition, birth is very traumatic, and this spinal trauma can lead to many infant issues that can be relieved with simple spinal adjustment by trained Raleigh chiropractors.
  • Helps with Behavioral Problems Although chiropractors do not exactly treat behavioral problems in young children, they help eliminate the major stressors of the nervous system. This includes removing spinal subluxations that irritate the nervous system.
  • Helps with Sleeping Disorders and Bed-wetting Problems Tension in the neck and back, headaches, joint pain, and other discomforts can prevent proper sleeping patterns. Getting the spine to move properly and in alignment will help relax your child’s body to allow better sleep. Chiropractic adjustments also help correct vertebral misalignment (subluxations) which can disturb the proper function of the phrenic reflex and cause bed wetting. Chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations and allow normal function of the phrenic reflex.
  • Assists with Digestive System The nervous system controls digestive functions in different regions including lumbar regions, sympathetic nerves that come out of the thoracic, and the sacral parasympathetic nerve fibers. Spinal misalignment in one of these regions may lead to obstructed digestive function. Chiropractic adjustments realign these obstructed regions and help restore nerve supply to the deficient organs.
  • Helps with Scoliosis Scoliosis is a condition that involves an abnormal side-to-side curvature of the spine. If not dealt with early in childhood, it is likely to become worse with age. Specific chiropractic adjustments coupled with various muscular rehabilitation techniques can help prevent the progression of scoliosis while the child is still young.
  • Boosts the Child’s Immune System Chiropractic’s purpose is to reduce the interference to a child or baby’s nervous system, thus unleashing the full healing power of the body. This helps reduce the occurrence of common colds, ear-aches, and other general illnesses.
  • It helps with Colic/Irritable Baby Syndrome Colic or Irritable Baby Syndrome is defined as comfortless crying in a young baby with periodic fussiness that can last for hours. Many babies show improvement with chiropractic care as it involves spinal manipulation to help restore the child’s nervous system, digestive tract, and other organs for normal operation.
  • Promotes Overall Health and Well-being Chiropractic processes make a child healthier, more active and generally happy during growth.Just as with behavioral problems, the major stressors of the nervous system are eliminated, thus improving your child’s concentration in school.
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