Chiropractor For Allergy and Sinus Infection In Bainbridge Island, WA

Allergy and Sinus Infection Relief from Our Bainbridge Island Chiropractor

Allergy and Sinus Infection Relief from Our Bainbridge Island Chiropractor

On Bainbridge Island, where allergy and sinus issues are prevalent due to a mild climate fostering year-round pollen production, seeking relief becomes a common concern. Many individuals resort to constant antihistamine use to manage symptoms, unknowingly dampening the immune system’s effectiveness. Chiropractor Dr. Brian Kovara offers a natural and drug-free approach to address the root cause of allergies and sinus infections, providing long-term relief.

Sinus Infections treatment
Sinus Infections

Chiropractic Care for Fewer Sinus Infections and Allergies

A fully functioning nervous system plays a vital role in directing the immune system against genuine threats, such as harmful bacteria and viruses. However, in individuals with allergies, the immune system erroneously treats harmless elements like pollen or animal dander as infectious agents. This misdirected response triggers acute inflammation, leading to symptoms like sneezing, itching, and excess mucus production, often resulting in sinus pressure, pain, and infections. Chiropractic care proves beneficial in addressing this issue.

Dr. Brian Kovara and his team have observed that many allergy and sinus infection sufferers exhibit subluxations (spinal misalignments) in the cervical (neck) spine. These subluxations can pinch nerves responsible for directing immune system responses. Misalignments between vertebrae in the neck, particularly at C2, C3, and C4, may occur due to various factors:

Car accidents, sports injuries, or personal injuries cause whiplash.
Poor neck posture habits, such as constantly craning the neck over mobile devices or sitting at an ergonomically suboptimal workstation.
Neck pain and stiffness often coincide with allergy and sinus infection symptoms.

Natural Allergy and Sinus Relief from Our Bainbridge Island Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr. Brian Kovara is skilled in diagnosing subluxations throughout the spine and providing precise spinal adjustments to release pinched nerves. This enhances the brain’s ability to regulate the immune system, offering long-term relief from allergies and sinus issues. Importantly, this approach ensures that the immune system remains vigilant against genuine pathogens in the Bainbridge environment.