Chiropractor For Scoliosis Pain in Bainbridge Island, WA

Preventing and Treating Scoliosis Pain with Our Bainbridge Island Chiropractor

Preventing and Treating Scoliosis Pain with Our Bainbridge Island Chiropractor

Scoliosis, characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine when viewed from the back, often forming a C or S shape, typically develops during adolescence. Many individuals diagnosed with scoliosis during their youth receive minimal treatment, with occasional monitoring by an orthopedic doctor. Our experienced Bainbridge Island chiropractor, Dr. Brian Kovara successfully provides treatment for patients facing scoliosis-related pain and injuries.
Scoliosis Pain
During the growth phase when the spine is susceptible to developmental changes, scoliosis may develop, often exacerbated by factors like injury or improper posture, such as consistently carrying a backpack over one shoulder. In moderate to severe cases, orthopedists may recommend interventions like bracing or surgery with metal rods to straighten the spine. However, in mild cases, conventional approaches may involve occasional monitoring without active treatment. As individuals with scoliosis grow into adulthood, even mild cases can lead to back pain.

Recognizing the importance of preventing problems in adulthood, parents must understand how chiropractic care can assist their children in developing a healthy spinal curvature. Regular chiropractic maintenance and lifestyle advice during adolescence can minimize or eliminate abnormal curvature, potentially averting issues in adulthood.

Chiropractic Care for Adult Scoliosis Pain Relief Adults experiencing scoliosis-related back pain can find substantial relief through chiropractic care. While full correction of the spinal curvature may not always be possible in adult cases, chiropractic adjustments can significantly alleviate the painful impact of pinched nerves. In rare instances, regular spinal adjustments have even resulted in the minimization of scoliosis curvature in adult patients.

If you or your child are dealing with scoliosis or scoliosis-related pain, schedule an appointment with our chiropractors on Bainbridge Island for personalized and effective treatment options.