I have been receiving chiropractic care for many years and have experienced relief from lower back pain and headaches. When I relocated to Bainbridge Island, I wished to continue with regular back and neck adjustments and found Living Well while driving. A current patient had recommended them. I became a patient and found everyone in the office from the receptionist, financials, massage therapists and doctor to be cheerful, accommodating, skilled and helpful.
Several months ago, I developed a compression and inflammation in my spine that resulted in severe sciatic pain whenever I stood or walked for more than a few minutes. I could not walk the few hundred yards to Winslow without having to stop along the way to sit and ease my pain. I resorted to driving to the market and any other location in Winslow. I rushed to make my purchases and complete tasks before my sciatic pain began again. I had to limit all of my activities to short periods of mobility and standing no matter where I went or what I did. I became a sedentary prisoner in my own home. Being able to walk into town was a major reason I chose Bainbridge Island and the location of my new home and now, I was able not able to walk to my mailbox without pain.
Because I have a history of back surgery I sought relief from a spinal specialist who looked at an MRI of my spine and found misalignments of vertebrae, stenosis and arthritis. The doctor suggested a dose of anti-inflammatory steroids, physical therapy and as a final resort an injection of steroids directly into my spine. I did not like the idea of ingesting steroids but decided to do so anyhow. I also began physical therapy that included exercises at home. Neither drugs nor physical therapy or exercise relieved the sciatic pain or increased my mobility. At this point I started to seriously consider the spinal injection.
During a regular visit to Living Well I felt better after an adjustment. Dr. Brian suggested the SpineMED® decompression table. I had three treatments and was able to stand, walk to town and ride my much-loved motorcycle again. I am continuing treatment that Dr. Brian has suggested for me.
Living Well’s staff and Dr. Brian returned the quality of life to me that I expected to enjoy when I chose Bainbridge Island.