2006 was a rough year for me. I fell on black ice and injured my back. I was seen in the ER and was misdiagnosed. I had pain radiating into my left hip. The one x-ray that was done indicated that my hip wasn’t fractured so they sent me home. As the year progressed, I became wheelchair bound while working. My body became sicker and sicker, my skin became a light shade of green and my normal bodily functions stopped. My MD started me on Oxycodone which was the only medication that worked to control my pain. Ten months later, I went to a specialist.
After reviewing my records, I was sent to receive an MRI of my lumbar area. The films showed extensive damage with bone fragments moving up my spine. Needless to say, it was too long before I received the correct diagnosis. My surgeon asked what would I like to be able to do and I stated, I want to be able to walk. He said he could fix me but it would not take all of the pain away. I replied, I’ll take it. I returned to work but re-injured myself performing my regular duties as a nurse. Next came more tests as I was unable to lift. It took me two years to recover. I quit taking the pain medication knowing that I was headed for bigger issues. I did not seek treatment with chiropractic as I was too afraid of what would become of me with an unstable spine.
I started seeing Dr. Brian in December of 2015. By the middle of January I was able to stand and bear weight on my left leg without having to shake it for a few minutes before I could take a step. I am amazed that this could happen for me after 10+ years of dysfunction. Dr. Brian has restored my faith that I can seek out chiropractic treatment and perhaps he can decrease the pain that still exists as my body adjusts to correct posture and alignment. I couldn’t believe that after so long I could regain function. Give it a try and see if Dr. Brian can help. Perhaps it is time to revisit your aches and pains. Dr. Brian has magic hands.