A couple of months ago, I was waking up with a headache at the base of my neck every day. The pain seemed to intensify as the day went on and then subside at night when I slept. After four or five days of this, I finally decided to seek chiropractic help.
I called Living Well and left a message. A short while later I received a call from Dr. Brian Kovara. He advised me that the office was closed that day, but since he did not want me to continue to be in pain any longer than necessary, he would meet me at his office in a short while.
Once there, Dr Brian introduced himself to me and described what he needed to do to diagnose my condition. Following X-rays, he showed me where my neck and spine were out of alignment and that a previous shoulder injury was exacerbating my problem.
He gave me an adjustment that day, which eased the pain somewhat. I continued in his care and within a week my headaches were gone. I have received regular periodic adjustments and am now pain free. I no longer have headaches and the range of motion in my shoulder has increased substantially.
Not only do I receive the very best of care from Dr. Brian but he and his staff are all very welcoming and personable and truly care about the results of the people in their care. I highly recommend Dr. Brian Kovara for anyone seeking chiropractic care.