I woke up this morning feeling hopeful…. a plan was in place to help the constant, crippling pain in my neck, middle and lower back that had been going on for two and a half months. I tried going to a masseuse. It felt good and helped, but woke up the next day with pain.
I am used to exercising, walking, hiking but could no longer even stretch. It was very depressing. Just as I was ready to give up and go to the doctor (they’d give me a pill). I said to my husband maybe I should try a chiropractor. It was the greatest and best idea I ever had and I chose the right one…..Dr. Brian at Living Well Bainbridge!
After the initial consultation to find out what would be the best action plan. After not even the first week of rehab, adjustments and one massage – I FEEL GREAT! So great, in fact, my husband noticed when he saw me this morning looking hopeful he asked, How do you feel? I answered with my happy dance. He responded, Wow! You DO feel good!
I went in for my adjustment and when Dr. Brian saw me he said, You look great. How are you feeling? I told him that I felt great and that I’m feeling better everyday. Then I did something very unusual for me. I put up my arms and said, I need a hug. Dr. Brian hugged me back saying, “I’ll take it.”
During our consultation he warned that I would start feeling better, but needed to complete our plan to the end. I trust him completely and even though I am feeling better I saw my x-rays and will happily see our plan to completion.
Do you have pain? You just have to come to Living Well Bainbridge and make an appointment with Dr. Brian and his awesome staff. It will be the best decision you will have ever made!