Meet the Doctor




I’m Dr. Brian Kovara, but I go by Dr. Brian. My journey began in Wisconsin where I was born and raised, where I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. During the summer of my third year, I injured my lower back lifting a very heavy chunk of wood. My father suffered through bouts of acute lower back pain off and on throughout his life and he referred me to his chiropractor.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted a career in healthcare, and my experience with my chiropractor solidified my decision. It was shortly thereafter that I enrolled at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. My graduation present was the birth of my son, Kennedy, who was born 3 weeks before I graduated.
After graduation, I spent the next decade working as an associate doctor at offices in Wisconsin and Illinois. This is where I met my wife, April. We have since been blessed with 2 daughters, Kailey and Kori, who have stolen my heart.

You’re probably curious how I ended up in the Pacific Northwest! Well, from age 5 on, I grew up a Seahawks fan!! My love for the team brought me out for training camp and games over the years, and when the time came for me to leave my associate position, I wanted to go and be with my people! We landed on Bainbridge Island in 2014 and have enjoyed creating the office of our dreams over the years.

My experience over the years has evolved and I pride myself on providing corrective care to help the community restore function and regain their quality of life. Using a tried and tested method with the aid of pre & post x-rays, I have been able to get great results. My joy comes from seeing our practice members get their lives back. Outside of the office I enjoy walks with my dog, playing games with my kids, having coffee dates with my wife, and of course watching Seahawks games!