New Relief From Peripheral Neuropathy in Bainbridge Island

Peripheral Neuropathy in Bainbridge Island

Do you suffer with pain, numbness, tingling or burning in your feet and/or hands? Do you have difficulty standing, walking or sleeping due to the pain or symptoms in your hands or feet? Is your balance suffering and you are afraid of falling? If so, you may have peripheral neuropathy. Top Bainbridge Island chiropractor has an answer for your pain!

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which the small nerves located away from the central nervous system become damaged. Some of the more common causes of damage to the peripheral nerves are diabetes, a history of using chemotherapy medications, chronic inflammatory conditions and unfortunate genetics. Diabetes is a condition where there is too much free-flowing sugar in the blood stream that causes damage to the eyes, peripheral nerves, kidneys and heart. One common misconception is that diabetes is irreversible. This is not true however, and through making lifestyle changes you can normalize your blood sugars. Chronic inflammatory and auto-immune (the body’s defense mechanism is released on itself) conditions can also damage joints, soft tissues and nerves. Any of these alone or in combination can cause the nerves to become chronically irritated and over time they become damaged.

Typical mainstream medicine protocols utilize nerve blocking medications such as gabapentin to block the pain signal from the peripheral nerves to the brain. While these medications can provide some temporary relief, dealing with the underlying cause can help heal the damaged nerves to improve or restore function. There are several components to discuss that are contributing causative factors.

Causes of Neuropathy in Bainbridge Island

First, understanding how the body can become toxic is a key component to healing. Long term exposure to chemicals through diet, medications, pollution, etc. overloads the liver and slows down the body’s ability to rid itself of impurities. The end result is damage to the nerve tissues due to free floating toxins.

Another component is poor circulation. Adequate blood flow to the extremities is essential to maintain normal nervous function. If circulation is poor due to excess body weight, medications or chronic inflammation, the nerves will not receive the proper oxygenation necessary, thus causing damage.

Finally, other possible components could be poorly functional central nervous system function do to pressure or irritation to spinal nerves by the bones or disks in the spine. Without proper flow of the central nervous system, the peripheral nerves will be affected.

By assessing which component or components are problematic and suffering, the underlying cause can be addressed and long-term improvement can be found.

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