Physical Rehabilitation

Older male going through physical therapy Our Chiropractic office near Bainbridge Island is available for physical rehabilitation therapy.

What is Physical Rehabilitation? 

Physical rehabilitation therapy is a specialized treatment plan that offers a comprehensive approach to physical therapy and the goal of comprehensive rehabilitation. It goes beyond repetitive physical therapy, with the goal of full recovery and a return to an active, fulfilling lifestyle. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Brian Kovara, physical rehabilitation therapy employs a variety of distinctive and innovative techniques to bolster performance and speed recovery. If you suffer from debilitation pain, impaired mobility, or you've suffered a sports injury or have recurrent problems caused by other physical conditions, this type of treatment can make a huge difference in your life. 

Your personalized treatment with Dr. Kovara

This unique approach relies on traditional chiropractic principles of non-invasive, personalized treatment, combined with manual therapeutic procedures tailored to individual needs. Dr. Kovara utilizes a comprehensive approach that includes enhanced patient education, an individualized exercise regimen, manual hands-on therapies, state of the art strengthening, and conditioning equipment as warranted, and an ongoing commitment to quick recovery and continuing wellness. 

What to expect during your consultation

Success is predicated on active patient understanding and involvement, and the expert knowledge of a licensed, professional chiropractor who will tailor a treatment plan to individual needs. Because every case is different, there are no standard timetables, nor prescribed formulas. And the specialized therapeutic prescription is formulated, with the consent of each patient, following a thorough medical evaluation and consultation.

Physical rehabilitation therapy is a contract, in a sense, between you and Dr. Kovara, which assures complete satisfaction. Our professional team is dedicated to achieving results, but we are also committed to providing patients with the skills and knowledge to achieve lasting wellness. Dr. Kovara set goals together, and we work in tandem with each client to assure progress during every session, until the ultimate goal of a pain-free lifestyle becomes a reality.

Whether you have chronic pain caused by misalignment, or you are recovering from a sports injury or automobile mishap, our continuing rehabilitation efforts will lead to greater strength and flexibility, better balance and stability, and a sense of power over your own life and health.

Ready to regain control over your life, eliminate the pain?

If you're ready to regain control over your life, eliminate the pain, and look forward to an active, satisfying future, why not look into the benefits of physical rehabilitation therapy with Dr. Kovara.

For more information about physical rehabilitation therapy, contact Living Well Bainbridge at (206) 842-4929.

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