Pickleball Injuries, Treatment and Prevention at Living Well in Bainbridge Island, WA

Pickleball has had massive growth in popularity since its initiation in 1965 right here in beautiful Bainbridge Island, captivating players of all ages and expertise levels. With over 36.5 million players of all ages and fitness levels, pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports in America.

As with any sport, this huge increase in play comes with a correlated increase in potential injuries. The upshoot in participation has resulted in healthcare costs extending from $250 to $500 million this year alone. Strains, sprains, breaks, and contusions are among the foremost commonly detailed injuries, necessitating the requirement for viable treatment and preventive options.

Proper Equipment for Optimal Play
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Improving Pickleball Performance with Chiropractic Care:

Chiropractors, with their whole-body approach to care, are highly trained to address musculoskeletal injuries common in pickleball players. By combining treatment for pickleball-related injuries with preventive strategies, chiropractors help their patients to improve performance, lower injury risk and increase their physical well-being.

As an individual pickleball devotee, I understand firsthand the social associations and intergenerational bonds cultivated by this tribe of “pickleheads”. With players traversing from six-year-old amateurs to seasoned 80 year-olds, as well as professionals on the PPA tour, pickleball bridges generational gaps and cultivates a sense of community not at all like any other. I recall my first experience playing pickleball with my parents (then in their 60s) along with myself and children (3 & 6yrs old). Being able to have my entire family share the court together was awesome!

Proper Equipment for Optimal Play

Pickleball’s quick nature requires swift movements, coordination, and fast reflexes. The health benefits to participants include improved cardiovascular health, agility, and weight control. It can however, trigger postures patterns leading to repetitive stress problems.

To relieve these stress problems, some basic gear is essential. Sturdy court shoes that provide stability and support are highly recommended along with the proper sized paddle. Too large or small of a handle can affect proper gripping of the paddle and lead to painful wrist or elbow issues.

Pre-Play Routines:

Prevention is the key to lasting enjoyment to participate. A good pre-play regimen is strongly recommended to warm up the areas that are susceptible to injury. Failure to do so can increase the risk of injury. Focused stretching and warm-up exercises that are sport-specific primes the body for the physical demands of pickleball, lessening the hazard of strains and sprains.

Additionally, quality and conditioning exercises custom-made to target muscle groups included in pickleball play improve performance and strength. By preparing patients with personalized sport-specific programs for at-home works out, Dr. Brian Kovara empowers his patients to proactively take responsibility for their own physical well-being.

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Risk Management and Treatment:

In spite of safety measures, injuries can potentially still happen. Training participants on repetitive stress avoidance strategies, such as appropriate hydration, normal breaks amid play, and cross-training exercises like yoga or Pilates, can help to decrease the risk and severity of injuries that may arise.

Chiropractic care plays a significant part in supporting injury recovery and optimizing performance. By improving spinal health and posture, Dr. Kovara can help maximize both the physical and mental benefits of pickleball.

Treatment Alternatives:

At the forefront of healthcare in Bainbridge Island, Living Well Bainbridge offers the most up-to-date treatment alternatives to address pickleball injuries successfully. Our Class 4 Laser Treatment utilizes laser light therapy to invigorate cellular repair, diminish inflammation, and reduce pain, accelerating healing to shorten recovery time.

Rapid Release Therapy (RRT) is another cutting-edge treatment modality that is used at our clinic. This non-invasive treatment utilizes high-speed vibration to target muscle tension and break up scar tissue, to improve flexibility and mobility of muscles and tendons.

To learn more about how Living Well Bainbridge can help you perform your best on the pickleball court, contact us today to make an appointment and take the first step toward pain-free play. Call us at 206-842-4929