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Dr. Brian Kovara


  • Thanks to Dr. B and April, I not only lost 20 lbs and many inches, but I regained my self control over eating. I was struggling to chose the healthier path or even thinking of being active after working from home on a computer for eight hours a day. What really helped me was April, my accountability coach; with her I never felt giving into temptations! I think I allowed myself to have popcorn one day on the Candida Diet, otherwise I followed the program and really surprised myself at how much I could concurred my sugar addiction. I started to learn how hard it is to maintain calories when eating mostly vegetables, how to make homemade dressings, and start to feel good about myself again. The craziest positive side effect from the program was that I had no allergies and stopped having to take all my over-the-counter remedies. The pills were hard to do at times because it's a lot, but now I miss them. They truly help rebalance how our bodies were designed to function.

    April and Dr. B not only help you complete the program, but they live by it too. Their own personal efforts and growth helps you through the program because you constantly know you are not alone in this battle of being the best version of yourself. Now that the program is over, I still check in with April to let her know I'm doing well. I've started a new work out program that pushes me past anything I've attempted before. April and Dr. B have really helped me to fight my biggest barrier - me! I'm forever grateful for the experience I had and looking forward to my new mental, nutrition, and physical gains that keep on coming!

    - Jenna V.
  • I came to Dr. Brian with very limited range of motion in my neck and today I am free of pain and have a much larger range of motion. It has resulted in a more active lifestyle and getting out to enjoy our fabulous Summer weather.

    - Mary P.
  • I have been suffering with neck pain for many years. I just thought it was something I would have to live with as I continue to age and get older. After my very first appointment, I already felt improvements. I know how that sounds, but it is true. I noticed improvement in my posture and I am feeling stronger and more energetic with every visit. I am 100% satisfied with my care at Living Well.

    Dr. Brian and the staff are wonderful!

    - Sue E.
  • I have suffered from chronic neck pain for years. I greatly appreciate Dr. Brian and the thoroughness he provides with his treatment. I had never had an x-ray taken of my neck, so I was relieved when Dr. Brian took an x-ray to see the source of my pain. He then gave me exercises and a treatment plain to actually fix my condition. I have had chiropractic care in the past and feel as though I was being adjusted as a band-aid instead of fixing the source of my pain. I feel amazing thank to Dr. Brian! Bridgett has been a huge help with my recovery also. I love that she gets right in to the effected muscles to loosen 7 provide relief. I am a firm believer that a combination of massage and chiropractic treatment will keep me healthy comfortable for the rest of my life. So glad that I found Dr. Brian and his staff at Living Well Bainbridge.

    - Anonymous
  • I came in today with a headache (probably from sleeping on hotel pillows). I came in for an adjustment and afterwards - more like immediately- my headache went away!

    - Michelle B.
  • I met Dr. Brian and April at the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. At that time, I could not walk without pain. My ankle was swollen and my other foot was cramping. All of this was starting to make the rest of me hurt by trying to compensate. I also needed help at work because I couldn’t sit for 8 hours comfortably. Dr. Brian helped me to get a sit/stand desk covered by my employer so I can stand and work. Because of his adjustments, I can do all activities without discomfort. I can sit without hip pain, stand without ankle, knee or back pain. It has been a great experience! I am excited to see how my spine looks on x-ray now. Also April who runs the front desk has always been a warm and welcoming face! Both of them help you to feel comfortable coming into the office whether it is your 1st or 50th visit!

    - Jenna V.
  • 2006 was a rough year for me. I fell on black ice and injured my back. I was seen in the ER and was misdiagnosed. I had pain radiating into my left hip. The one x-ray that was done indicated that my hip wasn’t fractured so they sent me home. As the year progressed, I became wheelchair bound while working. My body became sicker and sicker, my skin became a light shade of green and my normal bodily functions stopped. My MD started me on Oxycodone which was the only medication that worked to control my pain. Ten months later, I went to a specialist.

    After reviewing my records, I was sent to receive an MRI of my lumbar area. The films showed extensive damage with bone fragments moving up my spine. Needless to say, it was too long before I received the correct diagnosis. My surgeon asked what would I like to be able to do and I stated, I want to be able to walk. He said he could fix me but it would not take all of the pain away. I replied, I’ll take it. I returned to work but re-injured myself performing my regular duties as a nurse. Next came more tests as I was unable to lift. It took me two years to recover. I quit taking the pain medication knowing that I was headed for bigger issues. I did not seek treatment with chiropractic as I was too afraid of what would become of me with an unstable spine.

    I started seeing Dr. Brian in December of 2015. By the middle of January I was able to stand and bear weight on my left leg without having to shake it for a few minutes before I could take a step. I am amazed that this could happen for me after 10+ years of dysfunction. Dr. Brian has restored my faith that I can seek out chiropractic treatment and perhaps he can decrease the pain that still exists as my body adjusts to correct posture and alignment. I couldn’t believe that after so long I could regain function. Give it a try and see if Dr. Brian can help. Perhaps it is time to revisit your aches and pains. Dr. Brian has magic hands.

    - Meadow
  • I remember when I first came in to Living Well Bainbridge. That morning in early February, I woke up unable to stand; it was as if my whole left leg was too numb to put any weight on. At first I thought I had sciatica because I do a lot of sitting at my job. In truth, I was misaligned due to scoliosis, (and the bad habits that compensate such a curve), and, as a result, was continuing to injure my lower back. Dr. Brian Kovara met with me to perform certain diagnostics after thoroughly hearing my complaints and concerns. He didn’t jump right in without doing proper investigative work with me and my situation. I came to learn, I’m in good hands.

    - G. Casey
  • I love this office! Dr. Brian has taken excellent care of my daughter’s back and neck issues. She was getting migraines usually twice per month and those ceased as soon as she received treatment from Dr. Brian. Her posture, pain and sleep have all improved. I have also found the best massage therapist I’ve had in 10 years

    - L. Fritzer
  • Super friendly people, with amazing amounts of heart and knowledge of care! They have treated my whole family with the utmost professionalism and friendliness during their visit. I can’t recommend them enough.

    - J. Nevins
  • After working with Living Well this past month, I’m migraine free! I used to wake up with tension beyond belief, now I’m sleeping soundly and feeling great. Thank you Dr. Brian!

    - Madeline K.
  • I got run off the road and I rolled my Jeep three times and took out two telephone boxes; needless to say I was in tremendous pain. Dr. Brian is caring, compassionate, and attentive to my needs. Now I’m enjoying the activities I love. Even though I live in Tacoma, I check in for wellness adjustments because I choose to stay well.

    - A. Rapada
  • Dr. Brian is thorough with his patient care and gets results! This family-run practice is a great place for your family of any age to receive chiropractic and wellness care.

    - S. Kirk
  • I was happily and genuinely welcomed by Dr. Brian and Brigette, especially. Dr. Brian is a holistic healer and gives generously of his time and energy and expertise. He gave me an evaluation of my condition that was comprehensive and informative and respectful, far more than other doctors and health care providers have done in my experience. He paid attention to me and gave me feedback in an intelligent and kind supportive way. I felt grateful that he took his time with me; he wasn’t in a hurry. He even loaned me a book written by a mentor of his. In my experience this is all exceptional. He told me what was wrong, and why and what can be done about it by me and himself. This comes after a year and a half seeing other health care providers and being told nothing. His masseuse also was relaxed, friendly, professional and gave me a wonderful deep tissue massage, not being afraid when she touched a painful area. I felt grateful for her work and somehow lighter. Last but not least it all cost me $20.00 for an introductory deal. I look forward to returning to their office.

    - Suzanne L.
  • I am not that old but six weeks ago I walked hunched over and with a waddle like a penguin. Within only a month-and-a-half working with Dr. Brian, I can walk up the ramp to the ferry, I can get in and out of a car, or sit down AND get up from a chair. It’s been 40 years feeling increasingly incapacitated with back pain; I even grew an ulcer from taking too much Ibuprofen! I wish I didn’t wait so long to get help here. All my primary doctor could do for me is give me narcotics. She said, I’m sorry Joyce, you need to get back on Oxycodone if you want to get relief. It feels so good to have made a better choice. What’s weird, is now that doctor has thrown her back out and won’t be back at work until a month from now — she’s recovering from surgery. I’m going to give her a prescription to come see you! I can’t thank you and your massage therapist [Brigette] enough for your miraculous work with me, Dr. Brian!

    - Joyce R.
  • Really good service, treated like a welcoming family when you walk in the door. Very kind, knowledgeable, and great staff that truly care about you.

    - Tate J.
  • I have been receiving chiropractic care for many years and have experienced relief from lower back pain and headaches. When I relocated to Bainbridge Island, I wished to continue with regular back and neck adjustments and found Living Well while driving. A current patient had recommended them. I became a patient and found everyone in the office from the receptionist, financials, massage therapists and doctor to be cheerful, accommodating, skilled and helpful.

    Several months ago, I developed a compression and inflammation in my spine that resulted in severe sciatic pain whenever I stood or walked for more than a few minutes. I could not walk the few hundred yards to Winslow without having to stop along the way to sit and ease my pain. I resorted to driving to the market and any other location in Winslow. I rushed to make my purchases and complete tasks before my sciatic pain began again. I had to limit all of my activities to short periods of mobility and standing no matter where I went or what I did. I became a sedentary prisoner in my own home. Being able to walk into town was a major reason I chose Bainbridge Island and the location of my new home and now, I was able not able to walk to my mailbox without pain.

    Because I have a history of back surgery I sought relief from a spinal specialist who looked at an MRI of my spine and found misalignments of vertebrae, stenosis and arthritis. The doctor suggested a dose of anti-inflammatory steroids, physical therapy and as a final resort an injection of steroids directly into my spine. I did not like the idea of ingesting steroids but decided to do so anyhow. I also began physical therapy that included exercises at home. Neither drugs nor physical therapy or exercise relieved the sciatic pain or increased my mobility. At this point I started to seriously consider the spinal injection.

    During a regular visit to Living Well I felt better after an adjustment. Dr. Brian suggested the SpineMED® decompression table. I had three treatments and was able to stand, walk to town and ride my much-loved motorcycle again. I am continuing treatment that Dr. Brian has suggested for me.

    Living Well’s staff and Dr. Brian returned the quality of life to me that I expected to enjoy when I chose Bainbridge Island.

    - Ray S.
  • I came to discover Dr. Brian at Just Between Friends. I was having low back pain that the doctor helped me with along with leg problems. I am now able to sit for long periods of time and stand more. It is not bothering me like it used to. I am so happy that my husband made this appointment for me. I feel blessed.

    - Darlene S.
  • I came to discover chiropractic about five weeks ago. I suffered from severe headaches and neck pain and had difficulty walking for long periods of time. After three visits my headaches, which lasted over three weeks, were gone. I wasn’t able to go to school, stand up, talk, eat, or do anything. Now I can go back to school and I’m trying to catch up. I can stand, run, talk, and eat. I can do everything that I was able to do before my headaches began. Now my mom doesn’t have to worry about me anymore and I feel so much better.

    - Alyssa G.
  • I was fortunate to meet Dr. Brian and his lovely family when they came to our school to help spoil our teachers with chair massages for Teacher Appreciation Week. I thought of them when my daughter began suffering from severe headaches and was shuffled from emergency room to urgent care to general doctors with little to no improvement. She had to undergo a painful spinal tap procedure and have blood drawn multiple times to no relief. After her first adjustment with Dr. Brian she felt immediate relief and has only improved since. After being unable to go to school for more than a week, this had a miraculous feeling to it! She is now a regular patient and looks forward to the warm, professional environment that greets her at each visit. Thank you, Dr. Brian and your amazing friendly staff!

    - Angie G.
  • This place is amazing! My fiance and I were both having serious back and neck pain. We were received there with warmth and understanding. They are incredibly generous, kind and the care that we are receiving is helping tremendously!

    - Amber P.
  • I need to tell you how much I enjoyed Living Well. First off, the receptionist April has some of the best customer service skills I have ever seen.

    I was looking around Groupon for next-day massages to make mine and my wife’s anniversary weekend extra special. After calling around, nobody could fit us in a next day slot. Until I called Living Well. After I set up the appointments for the next day at Living Well, I bought the Groupons and didn’t think much about it. Ten minutes later I get a call from April, the receptionist, offering us a bottle of wine to make our anniversary massages extra special. I couldn’t believe it!

    When we got there the next day, there was a sign up wishing my wife and I a happy anniversary. It brought tears to my wife’s eyes. And the massages were extraordinary! I was expecting nothing like what we actually got. Chiropractic practices rarely venture into the world of massage. Living Well hit it out of the ball park. They have two massage rooms, two masseuses, and they are just amazing. I truly feel that if we went back, we would receive the same level of customer service independent of it being our anniversary weekend.

    - Jencen R.
  • I woke up this morning feeling hopeful…. a plan was in place to help the constant, crippling pain in my neck, middle and lower back that had been going on for two and a half months. I tried going to a masseuse. It felt good and helped, but woke up the next day with pain.

    I am used to exercising, walking, hiking but could no longer even stretch. It was very depressing. Just as I was ready to give up and go to the doctor (they’d give me a pill). I said to my husband maybe I should try a chiropractor. It was the greatest and best idea I ever had and I chose the right one…..Dr. Brian at Living Well Bainbridge!

    After the initial consultation to find out what would be the best action plan. After not even the first week of rehab, adjustments and one massage – I FEEL GREAT! So great, in fact, my husband noticed when he saw me this morning looking hopeful he asked, How do you feel? I answered with my happy dance. He responded, Wow! You DO feel good!

    I went in for my adjustment and when Dr. Brian saw me he said, You look great. How are you feeling? I told him that I felt great and that I’m feeling better everyday. Then I did something very unusual for me. I put up my arms and said, I need a hug. Dr. Brian hugged me back saying, “I’ll take it.”

    During our consultation he warned that I would start feeling better, but needed to complete our plan to the end. I trust him completely and even though I am feeling better I saw my x-rays and will happily see our plan to completion.

    Do you have pain? You just have to come to Living Well Bainbridge and make an appointment with Dr. Brian and his awesome staff. It will be the best decision you will have ever made!

    - Tina C.
  • I am a retired Seattle firefighter and was stationed in downtown Seattle at the Fire Dept. headquarters for most of my 26 years. I was on the High-rise team and hazardous material team. I have had back problems for most of my adult years. Three years ago I injured my back again while visiting in California and I had to lay flat on stomach (face down) for six weeks. There was no way I would be able to sit for the long ride home. I had to have painful shots into my spine to help me get mobile enough for the trip back to Bainbridge Island. I went directly to see the Doctor. I have been a patient of his since he opened his office here on the Island. The Doctor recommended SpineMED® (spinal decompression). I took three weeks of daily treatment and each day I improved. I now enjoy a back pain free life. I was so impressed with my results! My wife had a hard time walking without a lot of pain and could not sit comfortably until myself and the Doctor talked to her and she now uses the SpineMED® machine. We are back taking long walks, hiking Bump & Grind Trail and enjoying our Golden Years. If a person has mobility and good health, retirement will be Golden.

    - Michael H.
  • The Living Well Chiropractic Team have made a HUGE difference in my everyday living. They are all working for YOU and put YOU first. Three years ago I was having trouble walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and sleeping. I was in constant pain throughout my lower back, left hip, and down my left leg. I went through so many tests to see what was causing the pain with no result. Finally, I took my information from all the Doctors and my tests to Living Well and we spent quality time discussing my symptoms, reviewing my tests, and he suggested it would be good to set up a program using SpineMED® (spinal decompression) in combination of special adjustments over a period of time. After two months I was walking, sitting, and climbing stairs with no pain. In two months of working on a planned program using the SpineMED®, I was 90% back to my natural self without needing any medication or pain relief! I continue Chiropractic sessions on a regular maintenance. I firmly believe in the Spine Med to help relieve and/ or eliminate spine pain and any limitations in movement before resorting to surgery or constant medications. This was the best help for my over all health and mobility. Thank you, Doctor and your team!

    - Carol H.
  • I’m getting ready to haul out our family boat, and it reminded me that one year ago I couldn’t climb a ladder or hold a sander in both arms. I flew up my nephew to be my shoulder because mine was frozen. Patience and chiropractic care has made this year’s haul out something to look forward to.

    - T. Allen
  • Wow! What a great massage! The therapist worked on my sciatic nerve, which caused pain on my right side from the bottom of my foot and up to my hip socket. Her deep pressure rubbed out the tension, and she carried on a nice conversation that educated me as to what she was doing; she has made me feel better than I have in five weeks. I can walk normally (no limp and no excruciating pain!) the therapists are wonder women! Thank you for the relief.

    - Connie Z.
  • I came in with debilitating migraines, After a few sessions, I noticed feeling clearer headed. Apparently, I had neck issues! It’s been six months and I feel like a whole new woman!

    - Hillary J.
  • I met Dr. Brian at a business event and told him about my frozen shoulder — it always felt tight and numb and it scared me because I have had a tumor before. After getting it checked out with my primary care physician, I was right and the tumor was removed. Still, the shoulder was frozen. Dr. Brian told me: An involuntary impulse to any pain is to protect oneself from further pain by contracting in some way. Overtime, that contraction can become rigid; tightness becomes a new normal. After receiving regular chiropractic treatment from Dr. Brian I noticed a drastic change in my range of motion. The good news, I’ve maintained that range of motion with certain exercises and by coming back monthly to keep the progress in place. I am so glad to have found Living Well Chiropractic.

    - Ruthie C.
  • For about six weeks I’ve been having spasms on the left side of my leg and glute (buttox!) and it’d been frick’n killing me. A therapist friend of mine had been going to Living Well on Bainbridge Island who told me, ” You gotta meet Dr. Brian!” She went on to say, “I was thrown from my horse and incapacitated for a good month on my whole right side. After we started working together, I swear, I got cured.

    - -
  • I haven’t felt this good since the 1970s! I’m serious. I’m making chiropractic care a regular part of my life. I love this place!

    - Oscar B.
  • I came in with what felt like a broken back after moving here from Hawaii. Working with Dr. Brian and using the sports equipment here has really made a difference. I am so glad to have found this place. It’s worth the commute from Poulsbo!

    - Margaret B.
  • My neck’s been killing me for years and nothing has helped like you have, Dr. Brian. There are so many chiropractors out there that don’t know what they’re doing. You’re the real deal; a true professional. Thank you so so much!

    - Candice
  • I love the professionalism and the time-respecting program for treatment. I’ve seen chiropractors who don’t let you leave; they try to get you to come indefinitely. Who has time or money for that? Dr. Kovara creates a treatment plan that has a beginning and an end. I respect him so much and now only come in for monthly tune ups.

    - Shaun S.
  • A couple of months ago, I was waking up with a headache at the base of my neck every day. The pain seemed to intensify as the day went on and then subside at night when I slept. After four or five days of this, I finally decided to seek chiropractic help.

    I called Living Well and left a message. A short while later I received a call from Dr. Brian Kovara. He advised me that the office was closed that day, but since he did not want me to continue to be in pain any longer than necessary, he would meet me at his office in a short while.

    Once there, Dr Brian introduced himself to me and described what he needed to do to diagnose my condition. Following X-rays, he showed me where my neck and spine were out of alignment and that a previous shoulder injury was exacerbating my problem.

    He gave me an adjustment that day, which eased the pain somewhat. I continued in his care and within a week my headaches were gone. I have received regular periodic adjustments and am now pain free. I no longer have headaches and the range of motion in my shoulder has increased substantially.

    Not only do I receive the very best of care from Dr. Brian but he and his staff are all very welcoming and personable and truly care about the results of the people in their care. I highly recommend Dr. Brian Kovara for anyone seeking chiropractic care.

    - Renee J.

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